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Meg McDonald

Additional Director

Ms McDonald joined the Board of the CRC for Low Carbon Living as an Additional Director in September 2016.

She is on the Board of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), an independent agency investing in projects and initiatives to diversify Australia’s energy mix by accelerating the commercialisation and improving the competitiveness of renewable energy solutions in Australia.

Ms McDonald was previously COO of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC); CEO of Low Carbon Australia Limited (LCAL); and held senior positions with Alcoa, a global resources and metals manufacturing corporation.

Prior to this, Meg’s career in the Australian Public Service included successfully working across a range of portfolios in policy development and delivery in challenging and complex policy environments, in domestic economic and international arenas culminated in several senior diplomatic roles, including Deputy Ambassador, Australian Embassy in Washington D.C, Australia’s Ambassador for the Environment, and Assistant Secretary, Environment and Antarctic Branch, DFAT, responsible for Australia’s international environment treaty negotiations, and the Antarctic treaties.