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Scientia Professor Deo Prasad AO

Chief Executive Officer
Contact details: 

Room 207, Level 2,
Tyree Energy Technologies Building
UNSW Sydney NSW 2052 Australia


T +61 2 9385 4868
F +61 2 9385 6735

Scientia Professor Dr Deo Prasad is an international authority on sustainable buildings and cities and among the leading advocates for sustainability in Australia. Deo won the 2006 Royal Australian Institute of Architect’s National Education Award for contribution to ‘sustainability education, research and design’. In 2004 he won the NSW State Government’s individual GreenGlobe Award for ‘showing leadership and commitment to the supply of renewable energy’. He has also won the Federal Government’s national award for ‘outstanding contribution to energy related research’. He is a regular contributor to debate in this area in local and international media. Deo sits on numerous Boards and Committees in this field in Australia and abroad.

Deo has been Director of the UNSW Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment (SOLARCH), which has been Australia’s leading research group in sustainable buildings for the 20 years. He has been teaching sustainability courses within the Faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW. He introduced the faculty’s Masters in Built Environment (sustainable development) program and has been its director since. Deo has published in excess of 280 key publications in this field and graduated 30 PhDs as supervisor. 

 Deo Prasad's CV and list of publications