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The CRC will train at least 88 higher degree by research (HDR) students with skills in the low carbon built environment.

In addition to HDR and undergraduate education, training programs will be customised and monitored for both trades (TAFE) and the professional services industry. Energy assessor capacity will be increased. Community education will also be developed with knowledge gained across the CRC. UNEP will draw upon CRC capability for delivering education and training services in the Asia Pacific.A core element of the CRC is its industry-focused education and training activities. Strong industry involvement means that the CRC is able to offer its students exposure to real world challenges as well as access to leading industry experts.

Education and training will be delivered by CRC participants (5 Universities and TAFE) who have extensive experience and reputation in the community for this task. Communities will be able to freely use the CRC's education and training programs to maximise uptake and resulting carbon savings. Training outcomes will be monitored to continuously improve quality.