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Indoor Air Quality Seminar at UNSW

Thursday, 20 April 2017
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The UNSW High Performance Architecture Research Cluster and the CRC for Low Carbon Living kindly invite you to join the seminar “Indoor Air Quality” by Dr Shannan Maisey, Faculty of Science, UNSW.

Indoor Air Quality

Dr Shannan Maisey will outline the key components of air pollution and the consequences for the indoor environment. She will present some pertinent questions about sustainable building design in the context of indoor air quality and discuss some answers from a chemical point of view. Dr Maisey will also present some of the findings from her research using computational models to explore how building design and occupant behaviour can influence indoor air quality. 

Dr Shannan Maisey

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management) 2003-2007. Bachelor of Science (Honours, 1st Class) (Environmental Chemistry) 2003-2008 from the University of Western Australia (UWA). PhD (chemistry) UWA 2009- 2013 Thesis title: “Air Quality in Homes: Investigating the Chemistry of Indoor Air Pollutants through the development of a Model Tailored with Field Measurements”. Post-doctoral Researcher and Teaching Associate UWA 2013-2014. Lecturer, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UWA 2015-2016. Appointed lecturer in chemistry at UNSW 2017.

Dr Shannan Maisey has a research interest in indoor air quality and the photochemical processes that influence the production of secondary pollutants. She is interested in how the quality of indoor air is impacted by climate-change led developments in the built environment, particularly energy rating requirements for new homes and offices and the use of new materials in consumer products.

Please register to attend the seminar. A light lunch will be provided.