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Melbournians given unique opportunities to learn to live a low carbon life

Posted 25 June 2015 - 1:54pm

This July, Melbournians have two key opportunities to learn and get involved with taking direct climate change action by living a low carbon life. 

The initial opportunity is the first in a series of free workshops, scheduled for the first Thursday of each month as part of the CRC for Low Carbon Living’s (CRCLCL) Livewell Yarra Project launched in March.  The first is on 2 July at 7-9pm, the Mark St Hall, 1 Mark St North Fitzroy entitled Reducing Your Home Energy Use and will be presented by Positive Charge – a social enterprise run by Moreland Energy Foundation. This will suit people with different budgets, home owners and renters.

The second opportunity is a free event at the same venue on Thursday, 9 July at 6.30-7.45 pm where Professor Peter Newman AO will present Sustainable Cities – the Good News! Professor Newman is renowned for his sustainability work, is a project leader for the CRCLCL, which funds the Livewell Yarra Project, and was first Director of Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy Institute.  He has authored 17 books on sustainability, been a board member of Infrastructure Australia, a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and is considered the key person responsible for reviving Perth’s rail system.

Livewell Yarra project leader and initiator, Dr Robert Salter of Curtin University and the CRCLCL, said Professor Newman was not to be missed as he will talk about developments in Australia and round the world that are leading to real carbon reductions.

“Professor Newman will talk of the shift from cars to 21st century public transport systems; cycling and walking;  urban sprawl to more compact, biophilic cities planned for people; and from polluting fossil fuels to clean renewables,” he said.

“There are many ways to live a low carbon life, such as draft-proofing your house, switching to energy-efficient lights or starting a food garden.  You can walk, cycle or take public transport to work, install solar panels, switch to green power or share tools with your neighbour.  There are many options, and they won’t reduce your quality of life,” Dr Salter said.

“We are keen to have more people involved in the Livewell Yarra Project so all Melburnians are encouraged to come along.”

The ‘Livewell Yarra’ project is also supported by Yarra City Council and the Yarra Energy Foundation.

To get involved contact Rob Salter or his Project Researcher, Darren Sharp.


CRCLCL Media Contact: Sharon Kelly  


M: +61 414 780 077

Livewell Yarra Media Contact:  Darren Sharp  


M:  + 61 419 314 655

City of Yarra Media Contact:  Brooke Colbert  


M:  + 61 3 9205 5122


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