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RP1017: Validating and Improving the BASIX Energy Assessment Tool for Low-Carbon Dwellings

Project leader name: 
Dr Lan Ding
Project status: 
Project period: 
07/2014 to 06/2018

The BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) tool is used to model and regulate the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of all new residential buildings in NSW. More than 140,000 dwellings have been built in NSW under BASIX since it was launched in 2004.

This Project will carry out post-occupancy investigations of new residential buildings in NSW. It will compare BASIX modelled results to monitoring data in real-life environments, and analyse discrepancies. The findings of this study will assist to identify areas for improvement of BASIX assessment models, establish links between government regulations, design options and post-occupancy behaviour and inform future sustainability strategies and policy.

Online survey

If you are a home owner in NSW and want do your part to help create model to regulate energy use and greenhouse emissions, you can help by participating in a survey. Access the online survey.

This survey is limited to the owners of the dwellings in NSW and dwellings approved during 2005-2014.

 Local government network

Local councils in the greater Sydney area will aid the project by distributing the BASIX survey to their local residents:

  • Ku-ring-gai Council
  • Hornsby Council
  • Parramatta Council
  • Randwick Council
  • Blacktown Council
  • Camden Council
  • Liverpool Council
  • Penrith Council
  • Fairfield Council
  • Campbelltown Council
  • Bankstown Council
  • Sutherland Council


The BASIX project acknowledges and thanks the Pinnacle Apartment Building at Rhodes for participating in the project survey, Schneider for supplying metering devices and Feelture for supplying sensor devices.

BASIX team meeting with Department of Industry in Canberra, June 2015

BASIX team meeting at CRC for Low Carbon Living, October 2014

BASIX team meeting with Department of Industry in Canberra, June 2015







 BASIX team meeting with the Executive Committee of the Pinnacle Apartment Building at Rhodes for the BASIX survey, May 2015.

Publications related to this project

CRCLCL Project Posters
Student poster - Participants Annual Forum 2016 - Marini Samaratunga Modelling residential energy consumption behaviour to inform basix sustainability assessment, building design and policy
CRCLCL Project Posters

Student poster - Participants Annual Forum 2015 - Marini Samaratunga

Development of an evidence based behaviour model for dwelling energy consumption to support sustainability assessment, inform building design and policy decisions

CRCLCL Project Reports

This project interim report presents the initial outcomes of the research that consist of:

Part 1: Recruitment of participants from single dwellings and multi-unit dwellings, and initial data analysis of the stage...

CRCLCL Project Posters

Research Snapshot A3 size poster from Participants Annual Forum 2014

CRCLCL Project Posters

Student Poster - Participants Annual Forum 2014, Marini Samaratunga - Size A2