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RP1022u1: Prototyping, testing and demonstrating the industrial scale production of composite engineered stone from waste glass

Project leader name: 
Scientia Prof Veena Sahajwalla
Project status: 
Project period: 
12/2017 to 12/2018

By leveraging the expertise and process for developing of a new generation of high performance engineered stone for building, furniture and architectural applications (RP1022), we propose processing and production of glass composite panel at an industrial scale.

In this project, processing parameters from lab-scale to industrial-scale production will be fine-tuned. We will then investigate the design, properties and production trial with end users to support commercialisation. In the long term, the project represents a significant advance in reducing the carbon generation during production of building materials as it overcomes the costly need for extraction of raw materials, transportation and production of already exist product in the market.

The success on this project will provide a cost-effective, technical viable new solution that supports the goal of producing low carbon and sustainable products with high performance at compatible price. To help achieve this goal, the SMaRT centre will also initiate the partnerships with local waste management’s facilities for providing the input materials and local manufacturer to manufacture the final product. The proposed research will be conducted primarily at SMaRT@UNSW and in close collaboration with Mr Andrew Douglas of Resource Recovery Australia where the press is planned to be located in Bellambi, NSW.

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