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RP1032: Facilitating large energy user deployment of off-site renewable generation

Project leader name: 
Dr Emily Mitchell, University of New South Wales
Project status: 
Project period: 
02/2016 to 02/2017

This project aims to assist large energy users who wish to support renewable energy and reduce their environmental impacts, yet have limited on-site opportunities for renewable energy deployment.

Such users would benefit from innovative electricity purchasing options that provide meaningful and tangible engagement with off-site renewable generation projects – perhaps locally based, or involving key community stakeholders.

The project will investigate the regulatory and commercial aspects involved in providing such options within Australia's retail and network electricity industry arrangements. The aim is to provide large energy users with frameworks and tools that facilitate their use of off-site renewable generation in order to improve their environmental performance. This will be achieved through meaningful and tangible action that supports broader stakeholder engagement in low carbon development.

Publications related to this project

Fact sheet

We have developed a framework that characterises the market for, and supports consumers when making decisions about, the procurement of offsite renewable energy.

CRCLCL Project Reports

This report reviews the potential for a new Australian market to emerge with respect to offsite RE procurement by corporate and institutional entities.  It considers what this new market may look like, who may participate, the preferences and views of potential participants, and provides some...

CRCLCL Presentations

Workshop 2: Engaging Stakeholders in the Off-Site Renewable Energy Market, 22 February 2017, Sydney, NSW. 

Workshop 2 Outputs Slides and Discussion Notes



CRCLCL Presentations

Workshop: Engaging Stakeholders in the Off-Site Renewable Energy Market, 24 November 2016, Sydney, NSW. 

Workshop Outputs Slides and Discussion Notes