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RP3033u1: Legacy Living Lab - visualisation of smart data and peer-to-peer trading of local renewable energy and alternative water systems from WGV and beyond

Project leader name: 
Professor Greg Morrison
Project status: 
Project period: 
03/2019 to 05/2019

The real-time visualisation of peer-to-peer trading  in solar energy and shared water systems is being funded by the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) in what will be its seventeenth Living Lab – a mobile, modular facility called Legacy.

Legacy will showcase technologies and techniques gleaned from CRCLCL’s existing Living Labs, plus provide a showroom for the world’s first residential development (35 homes) featuring peer-to-peer trading of renewable energy across the grid and shared alterative water systems, located at the Knutsford East Village site, Freemantle, Western Australia.  

The project is abtly called Legacy because it will continue the substantial research the CRCLCL started in their ‘learn by doing’ Labs after the Centre reaches completion in June 2019.

Publications related to this project

CRCLCL Project Reports

The report considers the design of the visualisation facility through use cases, which are interviews with selected stakeholders from education, industry and society.