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RP1032u1: Financial assessment tool to assist large energy consumers with energy contracting and clean energy options including local as well as off-site renewables

Project leader name: 
Jose Bilbao, UNSW
Project status: 
Project period: 
10/2018 to 06/2019

The project will develop a tool to:

1. Assist in Power Purcase Agreements (PPA) development and improve decision making:

a. Estimate the future costs of different energy and network supply contracts for large energy consumers, building on existing UNSW tariff analysis tools
b. Assess potential on-site renewable energy deployment options in terms of technical and environmental performance and financial viability
c. Explore opportunities for off-site renewables deployment through different possible PPAs, and associated retailer tariffs, building on CRCLCL RP1032
d. Evaluate possible demand-side options to increase the value of both on-site and off-site renewables deployment.

2. Assist in PPA monitoring, to ensure value for energy consumers:

The tool will be applied during the operation of a PPA in order to monitor energy, carbon certificates and financial transactions (using UNSW Facilities’ PPA, on-site renewables and demand management as a case study). The tool will assist large energy consumers, buyers’ groups and local government to reduce their carbon emissions in a cost-effective and low-risk manner.

Publications related to this project

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 This project  builds upon previous projects that involved over 50 stakeholder interviews, analysis of market survey data to distil participant drivers and preferences, six project case studies, and two stakeholder engagement workshops.