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RP2014: Quantifying the Contribution of Green Infrastructure to Carbon and Energy Performance

Project leader name: 
Dr Paul Osmond, UNSW
Project status: 
Project period: 
07/2014 to 07/2016

This study will develop a comprehensive and integrated assessment model, based on the services delivered by green infrastructure, in respect to the life span of its components. This model will provide a robust framework (composite indices) for sustainability and associated measurement strategies.  It will establish a framework for a rating tool validation for industry partners and stakeholders. 

The value of this study for industry partners is the ability to evaluate the overall performance of the entire project. This includes the green buildings and infrastructure projects associated with green infrastructure from the design to the ongoing performance during their life cycle. In addition, the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating tool can be improved by this research in categories relating to landscape ecology, carbon and energy, people and place. This research project can be used to map, review and revise these categories through stakeholders’ contribution. The outcome will help assessors to gain higher rating scores for infrastructure projects that will result in higher financial performance and enhanced shareholders’ value.

Publications related to this project

Peer Reviewed Research Publications

An international literature review and site visits of green infrastructure best practice in Australia, Singapore, the U.K. and the USA is reported here.

Peer Reviewed Research Publications
This paper investigated the micro-climate changes and urban-scale cooling load reduction which has resulted from the Cheonggyecheon water stream.
Peer Reviewed Research Publications

This study has identified and tabulated the most relevant tools for quantifying the features and carbon services of green infrastructure. The aim is to help policymakers, environmental groups and researchers to choose the most appropriate tool(s) for the intended context and it will lead them to...

Peer Reviewed Research Publications

This paper proposes a methodology and a conceptual framework for evaluating green infrastructure performance, derived initially from the literature and adapted for the Australian context by incorporating the results from a semi-structured interview process involving twenty one selected...

Peer Reviewed Research Publications

Conference paper presented at Urban Planning and Architecture Design for Sustainable Development, UPADSD 14- 16 October 2015.

CRCLCL Project Posters

Student poster - Participants Annual Forum 2015 - Parisa Pakzad

Quantifying the contribution of green infrastructure to carbon and energy performance: Measuring the sustainability performance of GI

CRCLCL Project Posters

Research Snapshot A3 size poster from Participants Annual Forum 2014

CRCLCL Project Posters

Student Poster - Participants Annual Forum 2014, Parisa Pakzad - Size A2