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SP0017p6 - Improving Fuel Efficiency in the NSW Road Transport Sector

Project leader name: 
Prof. Vinayak Dixit
Project status: 
Project period: 
07/2019 to 10/2019

This project will focus on the review of options (mandatory standards, voluntary standards, information campaigns, financial incentives) to improve onroad vehicle fuel efficiency in NSW, and will include:

  • The review of past, recent and projected future trends in the fuel efficiency of the NSW onroad vehicle fleet, with comparisons made to fleet fuel efficiencies in other jurisdictions.
  • Case study analysis of measures implemented in other jurisdictions, including the review of the cost-effectiveness of these measures and the outcomes achieved through their implementation.
  • Review of fuel economy / energy productivity targets being applied or considered by other jurisdictions, including outcome metrics and monitoring, evaluation and reporting frameworks being applied/proposed.

Publications related to this project

Fact sheet

Our research will deliver an understanding of:

  • The existing trends and future projections of fuel efficiency and fuel emissions pertaining to NSW road network.
  • The past and present global standard practices and guidelines on fuel efficiency and road transport.
  • Case
  • ...