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RP3009e1: Mainstreaming High Performance Housing

Project leader name: 
Dr Josh Byrne and Professor Peter Newman
Project status: 
Project period: 
01/2017 to 12/2018

Residential housing is a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions with most emissions being generated during the operation of buildings.

Josh's House has shown that High Performance (HP), Zero Emissions Homes (ZEH) are accessible to the volume market, with the learnings being widely shared with industry and the broader community. The challenge is to now translate that into mainstream development and construction industry practice. This will be achieved in this project by:

  • Developing an agreed position on cost barriers that are currently put forward by the volume housing industry as barriers to mainstream adoption of HP ZEH homes.
  • Assessing consumer interest in HP ZEH features comparative to more typical value add items.
  • Informing the development and construction industry of the market potential through coordinated end user engagement and communications.

Each of these elements will be enabled by data-gathering and information sharing around delivery of HP ZEH volume market homes in display villages in new residential developments around Australia in partnership with land developers.

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