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RP3029: Driving a National Social Media Conversation on Energy Efficient Housing

Project leader name: 
Anthony Wright
Project status: 
Project period: 
08/2015 to 12/2018

This aim of this project is to explore an interactive, national conversation on energy efficient housing to be conducted across a range of social media platforms and television.

The first stage of this project involved research and market testing, to look at the potential for developing a social media platform that would build mainstream support for low carbon housing. This stage of the project demonstrated the successful testing of the initial idea, and broad support from government, industry and academia. It built a coalition of more than 60 supporters, a proposal for prospective collaborators, a proposed governance framework and market tested video content and messaging.

Now, the second phase of the project is taking steps towards making the idea a reality by prototyping a social media platform and testing it with consumers in an offline environment. Once the prototype is built and ready to launch, an expression of interest (or similar) process will be conducted for the ongoing operation of the site.

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RP3029 Driving a national social media conversation on energy efficient housing

Trudy-Ann King, Green Building Council of Australia Market Development Director