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RP3029e1: Driving a National Social Media Conversation on Energy Efficient Housing- Stage 2 (the Build4Life Project)

Project leader name: 
Anthony Wright
Project status: 
Project period: 
01/2017 to 08/2018

The original CRCLCL Project RP3029 invested $150K to research and market test the idea of developing a social media platform designed to build mainstream support for low carbon housing. Co-contributions from project partners totalled $72.5K in cash and 1544 hours of in-kind contribution.

The project was very successful, building a coalition of more than 60 supporters, a proposal for prospective collaborators, proposed governance framework and market tested video and messaging. These outputs, recently provided to the CRCLCL, show that the idea has tested very well and has broad support from government, industry and academia.

This current  Project is to take the idea that RP3029 generated and tested, then move towards making it a reality by prototyping a social media platform and testing it with consumers in an offline environment.

In parallel (and outside the scope of the Project) the OEH will seek to find an appropriate long term owner capable of commercialising and developing the Project IP. At this stage it is anticipated that at the end of the Project a minimum viable product will be built which may be ready to launch and an expression of interest (or similar) process will be concluded for the ongoing operation of the site.

Publications related to this project

CRCLCL Project Reports
The purpose of this report is to summarise the development of the preferred business model identified for Build4Life by reporting of the key activities of the customer discovery phase of Build4Life.
CRCLCL Project Reports

This report represents a summary of the lean start-up methodology utilised in the delivery of Build4Life and the key lessons identified through the project execution. 

CRCLCL Project Reports

This project used the insights gleaned from CRCLCL Program 3 social research projects, particularly RP3029, to develop a web-based platform to support a transition to a low carbon and energy efficient residential housing sector.  

CRCLCL Presentations

Participants Annual Forum 2015 - Day 1

RP3029 Driving a national social media conversation on energy efficient housing

Trudy-Ann King, Green Building Council of Australia Market Development Director