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RP3038: Lower Income Barriers to Low Carbon Living

Project leader name: 
Professor Bruce Judd
Project status: 
Project period: 
10/2015 to 09/2016

This project looks to identify barriers different low income households face in reducing their carbon consumption. The research will help provide an evidence base for policymakers to encourage low carbon living in socioeconomically disadvantaged households across metropolitan and regional Australia.

The project will involve focus groups and interviews with lower income households in four states with different climatic zones as well as workshops with state agencies, major charitable organisations, and welfare peak bodies. It will identify day-to-day practices of households that can contribute to reducing carbon consumption, the financial and non-financial barriers to further carbon reductions by these households, and how policies may assist them to reduce their carbon consumption further.

Publications related to this project

Peer Reviewed Research Publications
This paper reports on tenure’s role in lower-income households’ experiences of energy deprivation and provides policy potentials in overcoming them.
Fact sheet

This policy guide note synthesises the findings of the final report for RP3038: Lower Income Barriers to Low Carbon Living.

CRCLCL Project Reports

This is the second and final report for the CRCLCL's research project RP3038, Lower income barriers to low carbon living.

CRCLCL Project Reports
This research identifies the financial and non-financial barriers that prevent lower income households from reducing their carbon consumption.
Presented at the International High- Performance Built Environment Conference – A Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2016 Series (SBE16), iHBE 2016