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RP3039: Liveability Real Estate Framework Training and Professional Development

Project leader name: 
Cecille Weldon, Centre for Liveability Real Estate
Project status: 
Project period: 
09/2015 to 09/2017

The Centre for Liveability Real Estate has developed a revolutionary communication framework that enables real estate agents to identify and promote sustainability features at the point of sale and lease. This Banksia award-winning framework has the potential to drive the value proposition for low carbon living with home buyers and renovators.

Real estate agents are already being trained in the 17 Things™ Appraisal Checklist and customer profiles.

This project aims to further build the impact of this industry initiative by (i) developing stand-alone online ‘residential property marketing’ modules that can be incorporate into existing real estate, design and construction assessment and (ii) by scaling public awareness through the CRC’s Lifestyle Narratives (IP#7) mass media dissemination projects.

Publications related to this project

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This project, RP3039, sought to adapt the existing Liveability Real Estate Framework to develop an online “real estate knowledge” handbook for ‘moderators’ of the website developed in CRCLCL project RP3029e1 and an online Liveability Real Estate Specialist training course suitable for TAFE...