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Research Projects

Do you have a great idea for a Research Project?

Contact the one of our Program Leaders to discuss how the project fits with the CRC for Low Carbon Living's objectives and milestones. The Program Leader will discuss with you the questions asked in the Expression of Interest: Research Project form.

Once the Expression of Interest has been approved the the CEO and Program Leaders, the next step is to develop a full Research Project Proposal and complete a project budget planning spread sheet. For proposals including Organisations that are not a Participant of the CRCLCL, please use a Third Party Proposal Template.

To ensure links to the CRCLCL strategic milestones, the proposals must be completed in consultation with the appropriate CRCLCL Program Leader.

Research Project Proposals are reviewed by the CRCLCL Research Advisory Committee and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. 


Reporting on your Research Project

The CRCLCL requires quarterly reports for all funding research projects. This 1 – 2 page report template summarises progress on a project in the CRC for Low Carbon Living.  The format is “what we did last period”, “what we’re doing next period” and “issues we’re working on now”.  The report allows stakeholders, project participants and team members to quickly assess a project’s status and progress.